About US

With one of the largest cannabis cultivation footprints in Canada, Zenabis is proud to provide medical and recreational cannabis coast-to-coast!

Our team consists of passionate and progressive members of the community, who value innovation and ambition. We take pride in the distance our country has come in the effort to legalize cannabis and provide fair access for medical patients. We are doctors, scientists, researchers, farmers, growers, teachers, educators, and advocates. Our goal is to provide safe, high quality cannabis products and derivatives to the millions of Canadians that want them.

Who We Are

With over 660,000 square feet of indoor cultivation space, Zenabis provides an ideal growing environment for plants to ensure consistent, high-quality products. In addition to the cultivation and sale of cannabis, we also actively engage in patient education, physician counselling, community outreach, and building public awareness about cannabis and cannabis derivatives. In October 2018, Zenabis entered into an amalgamation agreement with Bevo Farms Ltd. (TSXV: BVO) to list via reverse takeover, adding over 2.8 million square feet of greenhouse space after completion of the transaction. Read more here.

This deal brings together two families rooted in Canadian agriculture for more than 30 years. This is the story of an inter-generational relationship beginning with two immigrant fathers who collaborated in agricultural businesses, and ending with their sons partnering to create this new entity. Each partner brings a certain specialty: High-quality cannabis for worldwide distribution from Zenabis, and Bevo's greenhouse growing expertise to efficiently cultivate cannabis at low cost.

Bevo & Zenabis