Zenabis Enters the Cannabis Extraction Business

Zenabis Atholville cannabis extraction lab

If you know anything about the cannabis business, there are two basic approaches to product development and customer use:

  1. Cultivating and drying the cannabis flower, that is then ingested by smoking; and
  2. Distilling the cannabinoid value from the plant through extraction processes, and adding that extract to various edible, spray, beverage, and vaporizing products.

Zenabis has been producing both types of products since receiving Health Canada licensing. However, while the dried flower has been cultivated in our facilities, the extract products in our oil and sprays previously came via supply agreements from other LPs.

Now, in 2020, we are able to extract and process our own cultivated flower to produce our own extract products. The Zenabis Atholville extraction lab is open for business, and the team is not waiting around!

And it could not come at a better time, as Zenabis ramps up production of its “cannabis 2.0” product category. According to Cassidy Weisbord, the Zenabis Lab Manager for Extractions,

“The Zenabis Quality and Extractions teams have been hard at work since we received our Health Canada production license for our 2.0 products. This is an exciting milestone, to produce the first distillate at Zenabis, for use in products that will soon reach Canadian consumers.”

Zenabis has full control of its cannabis supply chain, and is hard at work ensuring they provide the best-in-class cannabis products across all product categories (check out our new vape cartridges here) -  for the Canadian, and potentially the international, market.

Congratulations to the Extraction team in Atholville, and keep the magic extract flowing…