Zenabis, PAX, and Cannabis 2.0 Product Rollout

Namaste Citrique PAX Era Pods

The mantra of the Canadian cannabis industry in its communications with consumers is “Start low, go slow.”

It seems like the industry is taking its own mantra to heart when the topic of “Cannabis 2.0” arises: the 2.0 product roll-out in Canada has been slow and steady.

But the consumer demand is there for 2.0 products, according to this Deloitte survey.

At Zenabis, our initial priority has been delivering on the supply agreement we signed with PAX, to fill and sell through cartridges for their PAX Era vaporizer.

Zenabis is one of only 5 LPs with supply agreements for the PAX Era vaporizer, a leading solution for the cannabis recreational market.

We have the consistent supply of fresh cannabis from our facilities, in strains that Canadian consumers love, like Citrique, D.Bubba, and Ultra Sour. We have the extraction distillates from our Atholville extraction lab.

And since February, we have the PAX Era Pods available in provincial stores, in provinces such as Nova Scotia, British Columbia and New Brunswick, and other jurisdictions.

What’s next in 2.0 after vaporizer cartridges? Stay tuned!