Corporate Social Responsibility at Zenabis


At Zenabis, we take great pride in our commitment to giving back to the community: it’s been part of our mandate since day one. From the beginning, we set out to meet four pillars of social responsibility: People, Environment, Community and Governance. Alongside our corporate values, our team keeps these four pillars in mind in everything that we do – here’s how.


Cannabis corporate social responsibility

Our facilities and offices are creating jobs in urban and rural areas from coast to coast across Canada. This has been especially impactful in British Columbia, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia – the three provinces in which our facilities are located. Within these facilities we maintain rigorous health and safety policies, while providing funding for training and skills development for our staff.

To date, Zenabis has hired more than 800 employees. Our facility in Atholville, New Brunswick, has played a big role in revitalizing the local economy, as the building itself was formerly a textile factory which closed down in 2009. Many of the factory workers who lost their jobs at that time have since become employees of Zenabis, and regional unemployment decreased by 3% partly due to our presence in this rural area of the province.

If you’re interested in joining our dynamic team, visit our Careers page to see all the positions we have currently open. Don’t forget to check back regularly, as our team is constantly growing!


Our commitment to the environment, particularly when it comes to the carbon footprint of our facilities, is something we take very seriously. Here are some sustainability facts we’re proud of:

  • Over 10,000 kg of demolition materials have been recycled from our facility build-outs.
  • Our Basic Green Program implements sustainable practices at all our facilities and corporate offices, including reducing waste by recycling and composting, turning off non-essential electrical devices at night, and providing staff with reusable water bottles and tumblers to reduce single use plastic waste.
  • Our facilities collect and reuse over 60 million litres of rainwater each year.
  • We have reduced our consumer packaging by 50%, while at the same time decreasing incoming packaging materials and increasing density of outgoing freight load.
  • Our Namaste Recycling Program (which recently was awarded GrowUp Expo’s Environmental Impact Award) allows consumers to recycle their cannabis containers from any brand at retail locations across the country. currently open. Don’t forget to check back regularly, as our team is constantly growing!


It’s important that as cannabis advocates, we promote safe and responsible cannabis use while preventing access to children. Zenabis works closely with consumers and healthcare professionals to ensure that adequate cannabis education is available to those who wish to access it. For example, as part of our relationship with Pharmasave, we provide educational resources to pharmacists to help them answer questions from their customers about medical cannabis. Our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Zeid Mohamedali, and Chief Science Officer, Dr. Natasha Ryz, are also integral in our public education efforts, as they often speak at conferences and other events on various topics related to medical cannabis.

Another way Zenabis is making an impact in the cannabis community is by establishing legal micro-cultivation facilities through our Zen Craft Grow program. It’s important that when it comes to cultivation and our roots, we give credit where credit is due. Our Zen Craft Grow program was designed to assist small-scale cultivators in bringing their unique products and genetics to the legal Canadian cannabis market.


An important part of corporate social responsibility is acting with integrity while respecting all applicable laws and regulations, as well as the local communities in which we operate. A key part of this is working closely with a variety of organizations and stakeholders. Zenabis has existing relationships with 3 Canadian First Nations groups: Listuguj First Nations in Gaspé, Quebec, Millbrook First Nations in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Songhees Nation in Victoria, British Columbia.

Zenabis also works with various levels of government and policymakers. We are a founding partner of the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis (CMC), a UK-based non-profit organization advocating for a fair, responsible, and evidence-based medical cannabis framework. Additionally, Zenabis is a member of the Global Cannabis Partnership, a coalition between government, industry, and stakeholders to develop a global social responsibility standard for the cannabis industry.