Achieving EU-GMP Standards for Cannabis Quality & Compliance

Zenabis Atholville - Achieving EU-GMP Standards for Cannabis Quality & Compliance

Zenabis: Ensuring Quality and Safety

As a Canadian Licensed Producer (LP) of cannabis, Zenabis is guided in our business practices by the Canadian Cannabis Act, often referred to as C-45. This legislation outlines the requirements for licensed producers to establish, manage, and monitor quality control and quality assurance systems to ensure consistent, safe cannabis products for medical and adult recreational consumers. C-45 and Health Canada set the standards by which we operate. Consumers can rest assured that they are receiving high-quality, tested, legal cannabis products whenever they see the Zenabis, Namaste, or Re-Up logos.

Zenabis as a World Leader in Cannabis Cultivation

Like other Canadian LPs, we also want to be a world leader in the cannabis industry. This requires that in addition to meeting the standards to grow and harvest cannabis here in Canada, we also must meet the requirements set out by other jurisdictions, according to their legislation. In the European Union, this standard is called EU-GMP (European Union Good Manufacturing Practices). It is the standard by which European pharmaceutical companies are held, and has already been established for medicinal products that are sold in Europe.

As we’ve grown, we realized that it made more sense to focus on EU-GMP compliance at Zenabis Altholville, rather than Zenabis Delta. With Zenabis Altholville’s 46,300 kg of licensed capacity and its strategic location in New Brunswick, it is our gateway into the European Union, as opposed to our Zenabis Delta facility, which is located in British Columbia and had only 100 kg of licensed production capacity.

That work is ongoing. Our compliance and quality team is working hard to ensure every “i” is dotted and every “t” crossed to get us to GMP standard. We are called Zenabis “Global” for a reason.