Facility Bevo

Ultra low-cost facility. Expert management

  • Located in BC, the 48-acre Bevo greenhouse facility will have a production capacity once fully converted, one of the highest in the industry. The 48 acres of greenhouse are split into 39 autonomous growing zones of various sizes, allowing Bevo to convert and scale up cannabis production on an as-needed basis depending on demand.
  • The facility currently operates an existing, profitable propagation business that will be scaled down as growing zones are converted for cannabis production.
  • The Bevo facility is currently run by an expert management and growing team with advanced knowledge of propagation processes and techniques that will produce higher yields at a lower cost per gram
  • Zenabis will complete an initial 110,000 sq. ft. conversion, expected to be complete by December 2018.
  • Zenabis will gradually continue expansions and increase capacity to meet future demand as more cannabis products are legalized
  • Each growing zone can be controlled for heating, lighting, shading and water, making the Bevo facility highly customizable; the facility is suitable for different growing phases
  • The conversion process is simple and low-cost, requiring retrofitting, security, and new equipment.