Buy Medical Cannabis by Shoppers™


Zenabis has teamed up with Medical Cannabis by Shoppers™

Zenabis and Medical Cannabis by Shoppers™ are working together to bring you better access to medical cannabis products.

By visiting their online store, Canadian patients can register with Medical Cannabis by Shoppers™ and access Zenabis’ portfolio of premium products with a click of a mouse. In addition to high-quality medical cannabis, you’ll also have guidance and support from the Shoppers cannabis care team and access to educational resources.

Considering medical cannabis?

In order to purchase medical cannabis, you need to obtain a cannabis prescription from a healthcare professional such as a physician or nurse practitioner. Visit your healthcare professional to find out if medical cannabis is right for you. If you don’t have a healthcare professional, go to the Medical Cannabis by Shoppers™ website to access the telemedicine portal or use the clinic finder.

Have a medical cannabis prescription?

If you already have a medical cannabis prescription, register on the Medical Cannabis by Shoppers™ website and drop off your medical document at any local Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacy.

Have a medical cannabis prescription at a different licensed producer?

If you are registered with another LP and purchasing medical cannabis from them, you can have your medical document transferred to buy Medical Cannabis by Shoppers™. Contact your current licensed producer and ask them to transfer it. In the meantime, you can register online in under 10 minutes. Once the transfer is approved, you’ll be ready to buy Medical Cannabis by Shoppers™!

Increasing Access to Medical Cannabis

Zenabis takes great pride in our ability to increase access to medical cannabis patients across the country. By working with one of Canada’s leading pharmacies, we’re ensuring more Canadians from coast to coast will be able to access safe, third-party tested, and premium quality medical cannabis products.