How to Get Medical Cannabis in Canada

If you’ve been wondering how to get a medical marijuana card in Canada, you’re not alone. Many Canadians become medical marijuana patients each year – as of September 2018, over 340,000 people were registered under the ACMPR (Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations) as medical marijuana patients.

The ACMPR has since been replaced by the Cannabis Act, but the process for becoming a medical cannabis patient has not changed.

Registering with a licensed producer such as Zenabis is easier than you might think:

  1. Complete an online application form at (or download an offline copy here).
  2. Ask your doctor or nurse practitioner to fill out a Medical Document on your behalf and submit it to us by secure fax or mail.

Where do I send my documents to become a medical cannabis patient?

  1. Email: (application form only)
  2. Fax: 1-855-ZEN-FAX1
  3. Mail: Zenabis Ltd., 12 Comeau Ave, Atholville, NB, E3N 4G2


How to Apply for a Medical Marijuana Card Online

How to Apply for a Medical Marijuana Card Online in Canada

To answer the question “How do I apply for a medical marijuana card online?”, it is first necessary to understand that in Canada, there is no such thing as a medical marijuana card.

While it is true that some licensed producers may issue cards to their clients, these cards are not legally required and cannot be used to verify your status as a medical cannabis patient. Only your registration document or Health Canada-issued registration certificate can confirm your right to possess cannabis for medical purposes, if requested by authorities.

Since all Canadians aged 19 or older (or 18+ in Alberta and Quebec*) can now possess up to 30 grams of dried cannabis, carrying your registration documentation is only required when you have more than 30 grams (or equivalent) in your possession.

So, if you were hoping to learn how to get a medical marijuana card, good news: you don’t need one in order to become a medical cannabis patient!

Am I Eligible to Become a Medical Cannabis Patient?

Am I Eligible to Become a Medical Cannabis Patient in Canada?

Now that you’ve learned how to apply for medical marijuana in Canada, you might be wondering if you are eligible to become a medical cannabis patient. In fact, you no longer need to have any specific condition to be eligible for medical marijuana – your healthcare practitioner can recommend cannabis to treat any illness or ailment that they see fit.

That said, there are some symptoms that cannabis has been found to relieve, especially when the patient has not responded to conventional medical treatment. These include:

  • Severe refractory nausea and vomiting associated with cancer chemotherapy1
  • Loss of appetite and body weight in cancer patients and patients with HIV/AIDS1
  • Pain and muscle spasms associated with multiple sclerosis1
  • Chronic non-cancer pain (mainly neuropathic)1
  • Severe refractory cancer-associated pain1
  • Insomnia and depressed mood associated with chronic diseases (HIV/AIDS, chronic non-cancer pain)1
  • Symptoms encountered in the palliative/end-of-life care setting1

If you have one of the above conditions, you may be eligible to become a medical cannabis patient. This is not an exhaustive list and your healthcare practitioner may recommend cannabis for symptoms not included here.

How to Purchase Medical Marijuana Online

How to Purchase Medical Marijuana Online in Canada

Earlier we discussed how to get medical cannabis in Canada; but once you’ve registered with a licensed producer, how do you purchase medical marijuana?

To buy medical marijuana online, simply visit your licensed producer’s website and log in using your patient ID. From there, you can order for delivery direct to your doorstep.

The only way to get medical marijuana in Canada currently is by ordering online from a licensed producer. There are no legal medical marijuana dispensaries in Canada, as licensed producers only sell directly to patients by mail.

What if My Doctor Won’t Prescribe Medical Marijuana?

Even if your family doctor refuses to authorize your medical document, there are still other ways to become a medical marijuana patient. You can try a different doctor, or even a nurse practitioner. If all else fails, you could go to a cannabis clinic – some of which even offer virtual consultations.

Zenabis does not endorse any cannabis clinic, but you can find the nearest one in your region by searching online. Make sure to ask about fees before you book an appointment, as some clinics charge a hefty price while others are free.

*The minimum age for Quebec is expected to increase to 21 as of January 1, 2020.
1Health Canada (2016). Consumer Information - Cannabis (Marihuana, marijuana).