Operations Manager

Work Location: Atholville, New Brunswick
Division/Department: FACILITY
Reports to: President
Status of position: Full-time, Part-time

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
The Operations Manager will oversee and direct the daily operations of the organization to ensure it meets its vision and financial goals based on the organization’s objectives.

High Level Overview of Job Requirements:
• Oversees the daily sales and Operations of the Plant
• Help exceed Company sales and Operations Goals
• Responsible for profit and loss in all aspects of the business
• Hire train and evaluate core teams in the business
• Oversee the plants procedures and policies
• Set and maintain productivity and quality standards
• Distribute daily workloads
• Work with sales to determine Pricing
• Ensure Customer excellence and delivery of Quality products
• Oversee inventory in the plant
• Work with Purchasing, Accounts Payable and Finance
• Oversee Materials Management departments
• Schedule Maintenance and upkeep of the plant facility
• Schedule Plant meetings, Safety meetings and Staff meetings
• Other responsibilities as assigned by the President

Education and/or Work Experience Requirements:
Bachelors degree in Business Management, Operations or related field
3 to 5 years experience
Proficient in both Official Languages, written, read and spoken

Skills and/or Competencies
• Strong communication skills (verbal and written)
• Good listening skills
• Demonstrated ability to analyze and solve problems
• Oriented towards excellent customer service
• Strong organizational skills
• Ability to give attention to detail, to show good judgment and to adapt to different situations
• Ability to work with others

Physical Requirements: N/A
Salary: To be determined