State-of-the-art Indoor and Greenhouse Growing Facilities

Zenabis will have 3,500,000 square feet of available production space that will produce approximately 479,000kg annually, once fully built out and optimized.

Zenabis Delta

1668 Fosters Way


One of only a handful of licensed facilities in the Greater Vancouver area, its location within the lower mainland and close proximity to all major urban cities gives this facility potential to become a distribution centre in the future.

This facility supports cultivation, extraction and a call centre.

License: June 2017

Total Building: 25,000 sq. ft.

Current Operational Area 8,748 sq. ft.

Current Cultivation Space 4,524 sq. ft.

Zenabis Delta

Zenabis Atholville

12 Comeau Ave


Located on a 20 acre site, Zenabis Atholville is the largest indoor growing facility in Canada.

It supports cultivation and finished product operations, research and development, extractions, and new product development. New Brunswick has some of the lowest labor costs and most affordable electricity in the country. In addition, due to the large building envelope, scalability will keep costs low.

License: August 2017

Total Building: 380,000 sq. ft.

Current Operational Area 136,800 sq. ft.

Current Cultivation Space 61,500 sq. ft.

Zenabis Atholville

Vida Cannabis

114 Acadia Ave


Vida Cannabis is currently one of the largest cannabis cultivation facilities in the province. The site allows for future additional expansion.

The current 255,000 square foot facility has a highly advanced production environment. It supports cultivation, extraction, and new product development.

Production License: March 2019

Total Building: 255,000 sq. ft.

Current Operational Area 78,933 sq. ft.

Current Cultivation Space 12,747 sq. ft.

Vida Cannabis

Zenabis Langley

7170 Glover Rd

Langley, BC

Located in Langley, BC, this 48 acre greenhouse is estimated to have a production capacity of 426,000 kg once fully converted, one of the highest in the industry. Through the experience of an expert management team, the Zenabis Langley facility will primarily support growing operations in order to meet Zenabis' current supply agreements and expected demand.

Production License: August 2019

Total Building: 2,100,000 sq. ft.

After Initial Conversion: Cultivation Space 450,000 sq. ft.

Zenabis Langley