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IHMML is a biopharmaceutical company, focused on research development, community engagement, and long-term growth when it comes to medical marijuana production.

IHMML was formed as a partnership with International Herbs (BC) Ltd. (“IHL”). Strategic partnerships allow IHMML to form a powerful team that will bring experience in research and development, pharmaceuticals, complex cultivation techniques, sustainable practices and design, marketing, distribution, and facility management.

At IHMML, we know the importance of learning from others and building lasting relationships. We are always seeking partnerships to build for a better future. Our goal is to align with partners, foundations, or communities to help people. If you are interested in partnering with Zenabis, please contact us below.

International Herbs (BC) Ltd., founded in 1990, is western Canada’s largest herb grower and importer. IHL brings a wealth of experience and knowledge as an organically certified agricultural grower and distributor, as well as the know-how of leveraging changing consumer tastes to propel business growth.

Interested in becoming a Partner?

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