Privacy Policy

Commitment to Privacy

The appropriate collection, use, and disclosure of patients’ personal health information is fundamental to our day-to-day operations at Zenabis Ltd. Protecting the privacy and confidentiality of patients’ personal information is extremely important to us.

Zenabis strives to provide patients with excellent customer service. Every member of the Customer Service Team must abide by our commitment to privacy in the handling of personal information.

Applicability of This Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy attests to our commitment to privacy and demonstrates the ways we ensure that patient privacy is protected. Our Privacy Policy applies to the personal health information of all patients registered with Zenabis Ltd. for medicinal cannabis.

What is Personal Health Information?

Personal health information means identifying information about an individual relating to their physical or mental health, cannabis orders, payments and/or eligibility for the compassion and financial hardship program, as well as any demographic information.

Zenabis 7 Principles of Privacy

Our Privacy Policy reflects our compliance with fair information practices, applicable laws and standards of practice.

  1. Accountability
  2. We take our commitment to securing patient privacy very seriously. Each employee associated with Zenabis Ltd. is responsible for the personal information under his/her control. Our employees are informed about the importance of privacy and receive information periodically to update them about our Privacy Policy and related issues.

  3. Identifying Purposes: Why We Collect Information
  4. We ask patients for information to establish a relationship and serve their needs. We obtain most of our information directly from the patient, or from other health practitioners authorized to disclose information to Zenabis. We limit the information we collect to only what is required under the ACMPR.

  5. Limiting Collection
  6. Zenabis collects information by fair and lawful means and collects only information which is necessary for purposes related order fulfilment and dispatch.

  7. Limiting Use, Disclosure and Retention
  8. Under no circumstances does Zenabis Ltd. sell patient lists or other personal information to third parties.

  9. Safeguards: Protecting Your Information

    Zenabis Ltd. protects patient information with appropriate safeguards and security measures. Zenabis Ltd. maintains personal information in a combination of paper and electronic files. Recent paper records concerning individuals’ personal information are stored in locked cabinets kept onsite at our office.

    Access to personal information will be authorized only for the physicians and employees associated with Zenabis and Health Canada. These individuals, including persons authorized by law, require access to perform their duties.

    Secure computer systems are password-secured and constructed in such a way that only authorized individuals can access.

  10. Openness: Keeping You Informed
  11. Zenabis Ltd has prepared this plain-language Privacy Policy to keep you informed.

  12. Challenging Compliance
  13. We encourage patients to contact us with any questions or concerns about their privacy.

    Please contact Karen Parent, Chief Quality and Compliance Officer for Zenabis Ltd. with any questions or concerns at:

This policy was last modified on the 2018-08-30.