We are one of the only Licensed Producers to work with First Nations Bands, and we have created mutually beneficial relationships that will bring jobs to local communities and solidify Zenabis as a coast to coast licensed producer.

Listuguj First Nations Band

Listuguj First Nations Band, Gaspé, Quebec

  • Invested $3 million in Zenabis
  • 50/50 Joint Venture between Zenabis and Listuguj First Nation to build a dispensary on Listuguj lands
  • Atholville, NB Facility is in close proximity to the Listuguj, where we plan to hire a number of employees
Millbrook First Nations Band, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Millbrook First Nations Band, Halifax, Nova Scotia

  • Invested $5 million in Zenabis
  • Plan to build 3 franchised dispensaries on Millbrook-owned lands in the Halifax area


Once allowed under federal law, Zenabis products will be sold across Canada in Pharmasave pharmacies. Zenabis signed a LOI with Pharmasave to supply medical cannabis and cannabis derivatives to its member pharmacies nationwide. We will also be supporting Pharmasave pharmacists through our comprehensive medical cannabis education program, aimed at ensuring better patient care.

Zen Craft Grow


Under the Cannabis Act, Zenabis has initiated the Zen Craft Grow Program which is aimed at helping communities establish micro-cultivation facilities. As a Licensed Producer of cannabis in Canada, we understand the economic impact a cultivation facility can have.

Join our Craft Grow Program

By working with Zenabis to start a micro-cultivation facility, growers can:

  • Increase revenue
  • Increase employment rates
  • Have access to resources and support
  • Support the community
  • Remain independent

By encouraging micro-cultivation facilities, we can:

  • Diversify our offering of cannabis strains and products
  • Increase revenues
  • Increase our distribution footprint
  • Gain access to experienced growers

The ZenCube partnership was formed by CubicFarms and Zenabis to improve efficiency and quality in the cannabis industry.

ZenCube combines the best of vertical farming with one of the most innovative licensed producers in the cannabis space.

What is ZenCube?

ZenCube intends to explore applications of CubicFarm Systems for the propagation of cannabis clones. ZenCube technology will provide a solution for cannabis growers to reduce their operating costs and produce a predictable and consistent clone yield. This approach will require less space, labour, water, and energy and will result in a more consistent, higher quality product for consumers.

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