All Go at Zenabis Atholville

Our Atholville, New Brunswick facility is the apple of our eye: a state-of-the-art indoor cannabis cultivation and extraction facility that is one of the biggest in the world.

Zenabis Atholville indoor cannabis grow room

It has taken Zenabis several years to get where we are today. For the back story of how we got here, some of the participants and local media have chronicled the process over time:

And so, here we are today, entering 2020 as one of New Brunswick’s large private sector employers; with a facility that is running smoothly at steady-state production, employing 450+ people.

It is sometimes worth pausing for a moment to reflect and congratulate. Everyone at Zenabis is very proud of the work undertaken by the team in New Brunswick. As Zenabis CEO Kevin Coft commented in the recent news release,

“December 2019 delivered our largest-ever harvest. This completes a whole year of successful harvests from Zenabis Atholville, since the creation of Zenabis Global Inc. In that time, we have increased Atholville monthly harvest yields by 800%, which is an amazing achievement by the entire Zenabis team.”

Zenabis Atholville harvested 20,000 kg of cannabis in 2019, 20% of which was harvested just in December. December also resulted in our largest-ever volume of units shipped in a month.

As Mr. Coft commented in the release,

“We are excited about what 2020 will bring.”