Zenabis Lends a Helping Hand to Support Medical Patients Across Canada


Zenabis Lends a Hand to Support Medical Patients Across Canada Zenabis Lends a Hand to Support Medical Patients Across Canada

In response to the Canada Post strike, which is resulting in delayed parcel shipments, Zenabis is stepping up to support medical cannabis patients by delivering our product by courier – and absorbing the additional cost required to do so.

Why? The families behind our company have deep roots in Canada, so helping Canadians is the right thing to do.

With extensive growing and plant propagation experience, our team is dedicated to providing high-quality, affordable medical cannabis to patients who rely on us. As part of this commitment, and in response to growing concerns about access to medical cannabis, Zenabis has also committed to absorbing the federal excise tax on medical cannabis products. Our aim is to ensure the product remains accessible to those who need it.

What exactly is the excise tax? On October 17, the Government of Canada began collecting $1 per gram of cannabis, or 10% of the consumer price of one gram – whichever is greater. This tax applies to both recreational and medical cannabis, including any product that contains THC (one of the active ingredients in the plant).

As a licensed Canadian producer, we believe it’s our responsibility to ensure Canadians who rely on cannabis products have access to treatment at a fair price. Our call centre has been responding to inquiries from new customers over the past week who have had difficulty obtaining medical cannabis products, so we’ve expedited deliveries in response.

One of the companies behind Zenabis, Sun Pharm, has been supplying medical cannabis since well before legalization, so we’re experienced in supplying patients with a consistent, high-quality supply. We want all Canadians – whether they’re using our product for medical or recreational purposes – to know they can turn to us as a trusted supplier. As an example of our commitment to the new recreational cannabis market, we recently supplied a licensed retail outlet in New Brunswick with product on short notice when they unexpectedly faced a shortage – allowing their store to re-open quickly.

We’ve earned our stripes by responsibly providing premium cannabis to the medical world. Now we’re taking that same passion and expertise to improve the quality of life for all Canadians – whether you’re using our products medically or recreationally, for enjoyment or relief. That’s our commitment.